This is a thing called Favourite Human

Footbridge Cohorts 1

A couple of babies in his and hers pashmina scarves.

Greetings! We are Amarina and Ron, a couple of homebody creative-types living in Toronto. We met online, just over ten years ago and we’ve been inseparable ever since. ^^ Here we are about 2 years in. This was the last time Ron was facial hairless and everyone feels weird about it.

What is Favourite Human?

A blog? Certainly, but we’re also going to treat it as a challenge. We both love to write yet don’t practice with any consistency, so we’re committing to posting something every Thursday-ish.

What gave us the kick in the ass to do this now? 

At some point we decided that 2015 would be the year of “YES.” We spent those months embracing unfamiliar fearless ‘tudes, going on a spontaneous three week California road trip, launching Bush Magazine, and getting married at one of our favourite places – Jungle Cat World! The philosophy worked better than we could have imagined, and over the past year it really became clear to us: we are unstoppable if we choose to be unstoppable. Our most recent “YES” is a big one, we are moving to Memphis, Tennessee.

Ron was offered a huge career opportunity that will have us living on the Mississippi River for the next 2 years, which will hopefully be exactly the amount of time we need to figure out what to try next. We’ve wanted to start a blog together for ages, so what better time to kick off a project than during this stress mess of moving and change? Right? Yes. No? Oh well.

040 yulischeidt_AmarinaRon4Ever-48

Here we are, crying on Luna the fennec fox on our wedding day. Photo courtesy of the amazing Yuli Scheidt!

Back to the beginning: What is Favourite Human? We’ll chat about our move from Canada to the United States, arty projects that we’re working on, and possibly share insights we have while trying to get our shit together for the future (if we have any). There will be DIY projects, bloggy writing, videos, and whatever else we come up with later on. 

If it all goes to plan, one of us will post every Thursday even though we’re both procrastinators and over thinkers.

Welcome to Favourite Human!

xo Amarina & Ron


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