On Moving to Memphis


Geographically accurate moving sketch by Ron

When we first said yes to moving to Memphis, neither Ron nor I had ever been there or anywhere in the mid/deep south before. We had been entertaining a few ideas about life things that we wanted to try, usually on our night time walks. Tea in hand, we strolled all over Toronto and tossed around what ifs about living in the woods, living near the ocean, living outside of Canada for a while. Memphis wasn’t on the list but when the opportunity came up, we were ready for the change. Nervous and stressed of course, but not enough to deter our decision. It took a 10 minute discussion for us to say yes.

So I’m a Capricorn, I’m a prepper, it freaks me out to enter a big deal situation without a ton of consideration. Last summer we went camping and I mapped out the nearest hospital and an alternate route, just incase. In making this decision, Ron and I had to let go of that mindset and embrace going with the flow – starting with finding a place to live. 


First night in Memphis – we learned that before you chuck all your crap in a moving truck, it’s helpful to visit your home for the next couple of years

From what I could gather online, Memphis consists of a bunch of sprawling neighbourhoods that were consolidated into the City of Memphis, similar deal to what happened here with the Greater Toronto Area. Opinionated bloggers directed my attention to Midtown, Cooper-Young, and Germantown as potential places to live and I had no idea what to expect when I visited irl. Ron had spent a couple of weeks down there, spread over a few months, because his job has already started but we needed the time to get everything together for the move. He had only a few hours here and there for limited exploration so when I flew down to meet up with him for 36 hours, it was fresh to us.

First impressions included:

  • Holy moly this city is way smaller than I pictured.
  • People are generally extremely friendly, that Southern hospitality runs deep. We saw one guy jogging along the Mississippi, smiling and greeting everyone that he passed. No one was phased, except us. I’ve never seen anyone politely greeting folks as they run in Toronto.
  • What’s the bbq situation for vegetarians out here?
  • I will never tire of listening to the different accents and turns of phrase. 
  • The neighbourhoods seem to be cool little pockets that are separated by stretches of abandoned buildings and industrial areas. You occasionally have to drive on a parkway to get to the next neighbourhood. There’s no way you can get around without a car here. Guess I have to finally get my driver’s license, watch out!
  • Ooooh, IHOP!

In the next post I’m going to write about finding a place to live, and what we’ve learned about getting our two cats across the border. If you’ve been to Memphis and have some recommendations or opinions, let us know in the comments!

xo Amarina

P.S. We have a Facebook page now, if you’re into that sort of thing.


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