It’s Not Perfect But…Vlog #001

Vlog #1 – A Hike through Meeman-Shelby State Park

For years now, people have been telling Ron and I that we need a Youtube channel. We didn’t get it. “Really?!” we’d respond in disbelief and all I could think about was the unavoidable onslaught of hateful comments that have become a big part of vlogging.

What would we even talk about?

On top of the bad vibe commenters on Youtube, Ron and I are actually pretty shy. Maybe me more than him but after so many friends and even strangers suggested it, we decided to consider the idea. It might sound random, but initially we were going to vlog about The Bachelor/The Bachelorette. We’re shamelessly obsessed with it. Bachelor In Paradise might be our favourite of the whole franchise but we’re not picky. We always have a lot to say about who may or may not be on the show for the right reasons and for us, it’s a fun way to kick up our feet on a Monday eve.

But it never happened. Without fail, we’d start watching a new season and halfway through one of us would remember that we were going to vlog it, we’d both shrug, and continue to eat chips and gossip about the cast. Next time, we’d say.

Moving to the U.S. and embracing our unconventional life plans renewed our discussions of having a Youtube channel. There’s a lot on deck for us, we’re going to be doing a bunch of traveling on the cheap and we’re eventually going to buy land somewhere and build a place to live on it. We decided that our channel should reflect the blog – a visual diary of two chubby artists choosing to swerve away from what’s expected of us and live creative, sustainable lives together. We hope that we can inspire others who want to do their own thing but are nervous to stray from the traditional paths that we’re often pressured towards.

We thought it would be appropriate for our first vlog to be about something that used to make us feel uncomfortable but we’ve managed to overcome – the stigma of fat people being active in public. For years, I chose not to do some of my favourite things, go swimming, hike, do yoga. I was embarrassed of how my body looked when it was active and being made fun of for my weight made me self-conscious about looking sweaty and flushed in public. It took time, a lot of personal work, and self-care, but eventually I was able to make steps towards and truly embrace not giving a fuck. It’s been liberating beyond what I thought possible.

One of the things that helped so much was finding kindreds who are going through similar experiences. People like Jenny Bruso who blogs (and just started Unlikely Hikers on Instagram!) and Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives have been endlessly inspiring. We’re now ready to throw ourselves into the mix.

The first vlog isn’t perfect, we’re still learning. In fact, 90% of our footage had no sound because we didn’t set up our camera properly (ooooooops), but we made it work and we’re sharing it anyway. There’s no growth in doing everything right the first time.

We hope you like our little video and if you do, please subscribe to our Youtube channel.

xoxo Amarina

Oh, and because we accidentally cut it out of our video, our hike stats:

Where are we? Meeman-Shelby State Park, TN
Hike: Woodland Trails
Miles: 5 Mile extension (1 and 3 Mile loop options too!)
Elevation Gain: 459 ft
Difficulty: Moderate





2 thoughts on “It’s Not Perfect But…Vlog #001

  1. a. How did I just find out about this now?
    b. That was amazing! You guys need to give yourselves more credit.
    c. I didn’t want it to end. I miss you guys and it felt like hanging out.
    d. I really appreciate the closed captioning!
    e. Subscribed! Excited for #2


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